Meet The Founder

Founder of Titrit Fashion for Kids: Chetna Kudeshia
Dr. Chetna Kudeshia (Founder)
Dr. Chetna is an aspirational business woman. Her passion for providing the greatest designs,   quality fabric, stylish apparel, and fashion accessories for kids has always kept her on her toes. She enjoys being completely immersed in   her work, and the satisfaction of the   buyers (parents) brings her great joy.

 Chetna has rich experience of   corporate life, acquired degree in   International MBA and also pursued research in Social Media Marketing. But her desire to give meaning to her work led her to discover her Ikigai, which is to provide stylish clothing and fashion solutions to millions of parents for their kids.

Chetna's Titrit Fashion collection provides a wide range of clothing and fashion options for children age range infant to twelve. Titrit Fashion's bespoken offerings includes quality, uniqueness, and cost-effective pricing. Her heart rejoices in bringing the 'Star Shine to every child'.